Lightweight SoL Cups made from hand blown glass

PLASTIC FREE MISSION: @solcups Chooses Hand Blown Glass. It is made from naturally abundant materials – namely sand – and is far less permeable than plastics. Meaning their hand blown glass won’t absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, and won’t leach chemicals (known to be endocrine disruptors in the body) into your beverage. As a result, SoL Cups offer purity of taste! SoL is strong, lightweight and 100% plastic free, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe.⁣⁠
About one third of waste disposal facilities is made up of packaging materials. Each year in Australia, over more than one billion takeaway coffee cups are produced and disposed of. Unfortunately, disposable coffee cups with a film of polyethylene are not recyclable and release methane gas when sent to landfill.⁣⁠
SoL Cups are designed to help people move from a throwaway mindset to a more environmentally supportive one, so we can all be kind to the world around us. They’re portable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and infinitely reusable. ⁣⁠
All of their materials are specifically chosen for being high quality, chemical free, made from recycled materials with minimal environmental impact, that in turn can be recycled at their end of life. SoL has also partnered with reforestation charity ReForest Now to donate £1 from every sale in the UK and EU to plant trees. ⁣⁠
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