Who can post on Ecohunt.com?

Anyone who are passionate about sharing the eco-friendly products, latest innovations and sustainable technologies, simple shopping & green lifestyle tips to help others to make better choices for a healthier planet, can join and share.  Register for free account here.

I am selling sustainable goods and services, how do I get listed on Ecohunt.com?

You can register a account first and start submit your product on Ecohunt.com for Free.  You can share your Ecohunt’s post in your social media networks and ask to vote for your listed eco-friendly products or services.

On a regular basis, we will handpick and feature products which are well received by our visitors and our team.  

How is Ecohunt.org awards work? 

Ecohunt.org aims to become anon-profit organization which we will promote and award local and global eco-friendly brands, products, services, and designers who create their products in an ethical and make use of sustainable materials and processes.

Our judging criteria which we’ll base on the following:

  1. Environmental impact 
  2. Innovation 
  3. Customer experience 
  4. Ethical brands 
  5. People’s voice 

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us at hello@ecohunt.com.

How do I report missing links, wrong posts and suspicious content on the website?

You can report us at hello@ecohunt.com with the URL of the posts or links which you think are suspicious.