Aurora Spa Rituals from Melbourne

Made locally in Melbourne and developed in spa, the ASPAR range of botanically active products have been created with care and expertise by therapists at the award-winning Aurora spas.⁣⁠
The ASPAR range is free from animal derived ingredients and has never been tested on animals. The materials they use within their products do not contribute to habitat devastation of endangered animals! ⁣⁠
They are passionate about minimising their impact on the environment and are proud to be the first successful Australian spa to join the GreenSpa Network, an international spa industry body devoted to bringing greening and sustainability to the health, wellness and beauty community.⁣⁠
The ASPAR product boxes and plastic bottles are recyclable and any packaging used in the Spa is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. ASPAR boxes and all print materials are printed on papers that are FSC Mixed Sources Certified and are printed using vegetable-based inks by printers that adhere to environmentally safe printing standards.⁣⁠

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