“With a vision to raise awareness for people to shop responsibly by curating and rewarding local and global eco-friendly brands, products and services.”

Our Story

Chris, as a father of a 4 years old and Catherine, as a mother of 2 young children, would like to dedicate this initiative for the future of their children. Parenthood makes us ponder upon what is that ‘something’ we can provide for our children in the future. Sustainability has been the buzz word in all aspect of life in the last 5 years. And it’s 2020 now, but people buying massively made products and services can still be seen in many parts of the world. There are so many ethically, sustainably and locally made products and brands are unable to gain the support from the mass consumers for many reasons, such as inefficiency in the sustainable supply chain to help lower their cost, lack of marketing budgets to compete with massively made brands, lack of online and offline awareness of their existence, and so on.   

By creating this curated platform, in which not only we’re able to help shoppers to save time and efforts to find ethically and sustainably made products, but also help to boost the economy for those consciously made brands and designers, and support those who strive to made impactful products to reach mass markets.

Our Vision

Ecohunt aims to subsidize and create a non-profit organization which help recognize and awards local and global eco-friendly brands, products, services, and designers who create their products in an ethical and and make use of sustainable materials and processes.

If you are interested to reach us, please email us at hello@ecohunt.com